Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Flaming Homer

Sometimes friends don't always act like friends.
In the 10th episode of season 3, Moe's Tavern has hit a bit of a rough patch.
Due to a lack of payment, the bar has no beer. So Homer tells Moe about the time he made a mixed drink for himself after his beastly sister-in-law Patty drank the last of his beer.
He grabbed all the little bits of liquor that were left in the house, and poured them into a glass. In his haste, he accidentally grabbed a bottle of children's cough syrup.
The drink was not without it's charm, but when Patty's cigarette ash falls into Homer's drink, igniting it, it becomes a million times better. Fire made it good.

Homer whips up a couple of Flaming Homers and after one sip, Moe declares that it's like a party in his mouth, and everyone's invited! Moe quickly takes credit for the recipe and begins to sell the popular drink non-stop. His bar becomes more crowded than before the government cracked down on him for accepting food stamps.

After failing to reason with Moe about giving him credit, Homer reveals the secret ingredient as cough syrup. He does this by climbing up into the rafters of the crowded bar, giggling fiendishly, and dancing around in his slippers with a bathrobe draped over half his face. Tipsy McStagger's lawyer immediately tears up the million dollar deal Moe was about to sign. Homer then falls out of the rafters and lands on Aerosmith.
In the end, their friendship is salvageable, and everything returns to normal. 

There are lots of various recipes out there for different crazy versions of the Flaming Moe/Homer. I tried to stay true to the episode by using odd liquors that would probably be left in a liquor cabinet after all the good stuff is gone. It's also really hard to find cough syrup with a high enough alcohol content for it to ignite, so you're going to have to float some 151 Rum on top to get a decent flame.

Shout out to Marf for helping me take the photo!

Please, please, please BE CAREFUL!! Before igniting this drink, make sure you have removed all other flammable items from the area, and that your hands don't have any rum on them.
I probably don't know you, but I'm pretty sure you look better WITH eyebrows, and no skin grafts.

The Flaming Homer
(AKA The Flaming Moe)

Photo by Marfa Capodanno
Makes 1 drink

Not-So-Secret Ingredients:

  • 1oz Sloe Gin
  • 1oz Tequila
  • 1oz Creme de Menthe
  • 1oz Blackberry Brandy
  • 1oz Pineapple Juice 
  • 1oz Cran-Grape Juice
  • splash of cough syrup
  • small amount of 151 rum

Real-Life Instructions:

  1. Pour everything except the rum into a blender.
  2. Blend for 10 seconds.
  3. Pour into a thick highball glass.
  4. Hold a spoon, backside up, into the glass so that the tip of the spoon is just touching the top of the drink.
  5. Slowly pour the rum over the back of the spoon so it just floats on top of the drink.
  6. Carefully ignite the rum with a long-handled match, or butane lighter. Only allow the drink to burn for a few seconds.
  7. Remember to extinguish the flame before taking a drink.

Virgin Moe

Not-So-Secret Ingredients: 

  • 2oz Pineapple Juice
  • 3oz Cran-Grape Juice
  • Splash of cough syrup that contains alcohol -such as NyQuil (optional)
Real-Life Instructions:

  1. Blend both juices, and pour into a small glass.
  2. Float cough syrup (if using) on top, ignite with a match.
  3. Extinguish flame before handing to a small child.

This recipe is Lisa Friendly

    DISCLAIMER: Ignite this recipe at your own risk. Faberge Egg Salad is not responsible for any and all injuries occurred be it physical, mental or otherwise, while creating this drink.